Meteorological Synthesizing Centre - East (MSC-E)

is one of the international research Centres of the EMEP programme operating under the LRTAP Convention of UNECE.

The Centre focuses its efforts on model assessment of the environment pollution with various toxic substances.

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Progress in 2017

EMEP Steering Body and Working Group on Effects bureaux meeting, March 2017


Task Force on Measurement and Modelling, May 2017

Model assessment of B(a)P pollution: results for new EMEP grid and preliminary analysis for Spain

Country-specific study of cadmium pollution in Poland: data collection, pilot results and future work

Main output in 2016

Progress and chalenges for heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants

Emission data for modelling

Pilot simulations on the new EMEP grid

EMEP Case studies - MSC-E Assessment of Pollution Levels in Belarus, Poland and the UK

Contribution to UNEP Global Mercury Assessment

MSC-E took part in preparation of the UNEP Global Mercury Assessment 2013 (GMA 2013) used for negotiations of the Minamata Convention on Mercury. An update of GMA 2013 is now in progress and a revised assessment is planned to be completed by the end of 2018. MSC-E participates in the Project Coordination Group of the assessment (Geneva, April 2016).


MSC-E contribution to the CLRTAP, EMEP, WGE assessment reports 2016

Cooperation with International Organizations

Helsinki Commission

In cooperation with other EMEP Centres, MSC-E performs regular model assessments of atmospheric pollution of the Baltic Sea by HMs and POPs. Read more...

Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program

EMEP has a long and successful experience of co-operation with the AMAP, which includes participation in joint assessments and projects. Read more...

UNEP Stockholm Convention

MSC-E continues co-operation with the UNEP Stockholm Convention which includes application of data on emissions and measurements of POPs. Read more...

Cooperation with Subsidiary Bodies of the Convention

TF on Measurements and Modelling

Participants of the 17th meeting of the TF were informed about the progress in the MSC‐E activities related to the assessment of HM and POP pollution levels in the EMEP region.

Working Group on Effects

MSC‐E took part in the annual TF meeting of ICP‐Vegetation of WGE held in March 2016 in
Dubna, Russia.

TF on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution

In the TF workshop held in Potsdam, Germany in February 2016 MSC‐E presented an overview of ongoing activities within EMEP and relevant research ‐ projects focused on assessment of mercury pollution. Read more...

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