MSC-E cooperates with the AMAP program and has been involved in various environmental pollution assessments in the Arctic region for more than 20 years. In particular, the Center took part in the preparation of a number of reports of the AMAP program (AMAP Assessments) devoted to research and assessment of the levels of pollution of the Arctic by heavy metals and POPs.

AMAP Assessment 2021: Mercury in the Arctic
Technical Background Report for the Global Mercury Assessment 2018
Arctic Pollution 2011 - Mercury in the Arctic
Technical Background report to the Global Atmospheric Mercury Assessment (AMAP/UNEP, 2008)
Assessment of Long-range Transport of Hg, PCBs and y-HCH to the Russian North (EMEP/MSC-E Technical Report, 2003)
AMAP Assessment 2002 - Heavy Metals in the Arctic